Cummins Onan Connect Series Accessory Battery Charger 15A | Part A048G602

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Manufacturer: Cummins Power Generation
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Cummins Onan Connect Series Accessory Battery Charger 15A | Part A048G602


Cummins Power Generation fully automatic battery chargers - using switched mode power electronics - are constant voltage/constant current chargers incorporating a 4-stage charging algorithm.  Designed for use in applications where battery life and reliability are important; these chargers, complete with built-in equalize charge capability, are ideal for stationary or portable starting battery charging service.  To achieve optimum battery life, a 4-stage charging cycle is implemented.  The four charging stages are trickle, bulk, absorption and float.  The trickle stage safely charges overly discharged batteries.  It protects a damaged or shorted battery from excessive current.  During bulk charge a constant current is applied to quickly restore the maximum battery charge level in the shortest amount of time.


Protection: All models include a 20 amp DC output breaker.  Re-settable breakers are used for input voltages 240 VAC and lower.  For over 240 VAC branch circuit rated fuses are used.
Easy Installation:  Clearly marked terminal blocks and panel knockouts provide convenient connections of input and output leads.
User Display:  Output voltage and current, fault information and configuration options are indicated on the alphanumeric display.
Monitoring:  An LED indicates the condition of the charger.  Green indicates normal charging operation, amber indicates equalizing and red indicates a fault condition.
Adjustable Float Voltage:  Float voltage can be set through the alpha-numeric display for optimum battery performance and life.
Temperature Compensation:  An optional external sensor is available for temperature compensated battery charging.
Faults:  The charger senses and annunciates the following fault conditions: Input overvoltage, input undervoltage, AC power loss, batttery overvoltage, battery undervoltage, charger circuitry over temperature, battery over temperature, unrecoverable battery and overload/overcurrent.  Includes 30 volt/2 amp isolated contact for common alarm.
Parallel Redundant Operation:  Charges can be operated in parallel for redundant reliability or additional charging capacity.
Vibration Resistant Design:  Complies with UL 991 vibration resistance requirements.
UL 1236 (BBHH) Listing:  For use with lead acid batteries in generator set insatallations.  Also suitable for use with NiCad, gel and AGM batteries.

9.75"L x 5.56"W x 6.14"D
Note: Mount inside for Connect Series gensets

Kit Includes: Battery Charger, Operators Manual and Instruction Sheet A003X677

Product Specifications:
Model Number A048G602
Manufacturer Cummins Onan
Consumer Information
Availability Leaves Factory In 1-8 Weeks

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