10kW NG/LP Home Generator System 40375 by Briggs and Stratton

10kW NG/LP Home Generator System 40375 by Briggs and Stratton
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Manufacturer: Briggs & Stratton
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10kW standby generators from Briggs & Stratton supply your home with power during utility outages even if you are on vacation, at work, or sleeping in your bed. If power is interrupted, the standby generator and automatic transfer switch senses the outage. The generator starts and the automatic transfer switch moves your home onto generator power within just a few seconds to keep your home safe, secure, and comfortable with minimal interruption.

Placement & Safety

Briggs & Stratton designed the new 10kW generators with a front-facing exhaust and for full compliance with NFPA 37 (National Fire Protection Association regulations for placement of internal combustion engines) which allows more placement options than other generators in the same power class. An automatic, thermally-activated fuel shutoff valve and all steel cabinet make these standby generators safe for installations as close as 18 inches to the home. They fit well in small yards and where tight lot lines make placement difficult for other generators.


Briggs & Stratton uses a Vanguard 550 cc OHV commercial duty engine in its 10-kilowatt standby generators for long-lasting, reliable performance and durability. Improved easy access to the engine and alternator ease routine maintenance when it's time to add oil or change filters and spark plugs. The time-tested Vanguard engine ensures your generator will start when the power goes out and keep keep running until utility power is restored. 

The engine operates on natural gas or liquefied petroleum (LP) gas. Briggs & Stratton standby generators are configured at the factory for natural gas with a fuel selector for propane.


The onboard controller monitors the engine and alternator output, and maintains the correct generator frequency and voltage for clean power comparable to the electric utility and suitable for computers and other electronic devices. The safety sensors include low frequency or voltage, low oil shutdown, engine temperature and speed, transfer switch status, and battery voltage.

Appearance and Noise

With a noise level of about 75db, the 10kW standby generator compares to a five-ton central air conditioner. It has the smallest footprint in its power class at just 35 inches high, 28 inches wide and 24.4 inches deep. The Gavanneal steel cabinet―the same steel used by the automotive industry―offers a chip and rust-resistant finish that performs even in a coastal climate and keeps the generator looking good for years to come.

Automatic Transfer Switch Options

10kW standby generators have a number of automatic transfer switch options. To power only essential circuits, select the standard, 100 amp automatic transfer switch with room for 16, single-pole breakers to handle critical needs and some conveniences during a power outage. Service-entrance-rated switches in 100 amp, 150 amp, and 200 amp models install between the meter and the existing main panel to provide managed whole-house power and the capability to run two, 3-ton air conditioners. Non-service-entrance-rated switches in 100 amp, 150 amp, or 200 amp models provide managed whole-house power and the capability to run two, 3-ton air conditioners. The whole house switches supply electrical power to all circuits including freezers, refrigerators, air conditioners, water and sump pumps, lights, and television. When an outage strikes, the transfer switch powers the house with electricity from the standby generator, but prevents dangerous backfeeding of utility lines―essential for protecting utility workers and required by many utilities.

Optional Accessories

Cold-weather kits tested to -20 Fahrenheit ensure the generator will operate even in cold weather. The kits include a temperature controlled battery warmer and two oil heaters to ensure cold weather starting even in harsh, winter conditions. A basic wireless monitor eliminates trips outdoors to check on the generator. Mount it inside and know your generator is operating as it should without making a trip outside to check its operation. Maintenance kits include oil, oil filters, air filters, and spark plugs. You won't have to hunt for parts when your standby generator needs maintenance, and you'll know you have the right supplies to complete the job. Keep spare maintenance kits on-hand to ensure you have the required supplies during a long-term power outage.  Briggs & Stratton 10kW standby generators come with 5-year, limited residential warranty.

Each system includes an hour meter, battery charger and synthetic oil.  Transfer switches sold separately.

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